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Legal Notice

The use of this digital publication implies the express and full acceptance of the following terms and conditions of use, subject to the special conditions that will apply to, concrete, services promoted in the webpage:

Introduction – Services description
  1. OHT is the brand used by Health tour – Healthcare Tourism Portugal S.A. and our goal is to provide health and/or well-being, high quality services at the best price, allowing our clients to benefit from excelence health care, in Portugal. For both, OHT promotes solely the articulation and coordination of products and services ranging, from transportation, medical services, accommodation and/or well-being, to be provided by their partners, while ensuring permanent monitoring, throughout the journey of the client, since the first contact with our services until the return home. Our function is to act as a third party promotor between the clinical partners, wellness, hospitality and transportation and our clients, making it exclusive and in their best interest.
  2. The OHT digital publication discloses to customers and the public in general, all information concerning the company and the services it provides. 
Terms of acceptance of use of the site
  1. OHT  provides services and information to their customers through this digital page, so its use implies the acceptance of all conditions of use.
  2. The OHT reserves the right, at all times, and so when it seems appropriate, modify the conditions of use of the website and cannot be held responsable for the same by any user, customer or partner. It has no obligation to update the information contained there.
  3. Every user undertakes not to use the website or any content there of, for any unlawful purpose prohibited by these Terms.
  4. OHT is not responsible for any damage in the software or hardware of the user, deriving from access to digital publication or use of information or applications contained there in.
  5. OHT owns all rights to the software of digital publishing as well as the rights of industrial and intelectual property referred in the contents falling on it, with the exception of rights on goods and services that are not your property, whose brands are registered in favor of their respective owners and, as such, are recognized. No material digital of publication may be reproduced, copied or published with out the prior consent in writing of OHT.
  6. OHT respects scrupuluously data confidentiality, personal character, conveyed by the visitors of the digital publishing, by complying with the portuguese legislation in force about data protection.
  7. All information that is received in these pages such as comments, suggestions or ideas, will be considered as ceded to OHT, free of charge. Users should not post any information that cannot be treated this way.
  8. All products and services of these pages, which are not the propertyof OHT, are registered trademarks of their respective owners and thus should be recognized as such by OHT.

Exclusion of Liability

  1. The client of OHT services acknowledges that can not complain of this, by the way of indemnity, wether contractual or extra contractual, concerning damage, patrimonial and/or not patrimonial that may have been personal injuries that may have been sustained by the use of any services provided by OHT and rendered by its partners. In the event of existence of medical liability or failiure in the provision of clinical services, transportation or hospitality and well-being, this should be claimed directly to partners who provide such services, getting to flawless OHT of any liability that ensue.
  2. All clinical content, conveyed on this website is merely informative, not exempting the client to seek independent medical advice, through qualified healthcare providers.
  3. OHT does not own or exploits any hospital structure and therefore does not own or manage any services offered by its partner hospitals and does not own or manage any transport service, wellness and hospitality provided by the institutions, responsable in proving the OHT customers.
  4. The medical information contained in the website are generic in nature and do not apply to every possible user/patient specificly, so any clinical decisions based on the same character can not be taken.
  5. The use of information provided on this website is the sole responsability of the user, so the OHT can not be held responsible for the same. In case of any super evening event to use the nformation contained here in, the user knows to stop making use of it.
Dead line for complaints
  1. All customers may only require the OHT responsabilities, for services providing, as transport coordination, hospitality, doctors, nursing, paramedical and wellness, for a period of two years after delivery, after which if not claimed, will be equivalent to client cancellation.
  2. The provisions of clause is binding on cover this period would not be possible for OHT manage the risks inherent in its activities.
Links and Cookies
  1. For existing links on the digital publication, proceeding the webpages of third parties OHT does not assume any responsability derived from their connections, contents, information or services which may there in appear. Were commend that each user informs the rules of usage.
  2. The OHT may use cookies on their digital page. Cookies are universally used by companies with a presence in webpages, and correspond to a text file that the website puts on the computer's user and lets you know their preferences as a user. In case it is collected personal information, the same shall apply in paragraph 2.6 above.
Applicable legislation
  1. Regardless of where the services are rendered, the law applicable to use of the Website and the service provided by OHT is the Portuguese legislation.
  1. Regardless of where the services are rendered to any litigation that may arise, derived from the provision of coordination and referral services, by which OHT may be held responsible, or even by using the website, it will only be competent the 1st Civil Division of the Central Instance of Portoor, if not applicable, depending on the value of action, the Civil Section of the Local Instance of Porto.