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About us

Oporto Health Tour is a medical tourism operator, based in Porto, Portugal. Our purpose as a medical tourism specialist is the provision of high quality medical-surgical services, performed in hospitals and outpatient clinics of reference, by multidisciplinary medical teams with international experience, combined with tourism requirements, including accommodation and transportation arrangements.
All services are customized and delivered in a package, helping the patient from the arrival to departure back to home country, and assuring all appointments, bookings and other administrative procedures 

To provide high quality healthcare & wellness solutions in Portugal as well as cost-effective treatment, by intermediating the patient with trained and recognized doctors, hospitals and tourism services. 

To assure that our patients have an all-inclusive international medical travel experience, with the best offers for choices in travel and healthcare needs. To become the most referred healthcare provider in Portugal.

• Care 
and compassion - our patients are our main concern. From day one, we strive to achieve the best possible solutions to our patients, based on the pillars of safety and satisfaction.

• Competence and international expertise – we provide first-class facilities, highly qualified doctors with international experience, excellent nurses and medical staff.

• Coordination – We will be with you from the moment you decide to travel to your medical treatment in Portugal, until your total recovery.  An assistant will personally escort you and your accompanying person during your stay, including coordination of admission, hospital stay and discharge.