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Why Portugal?

"A Garden of Europe planted by the sea", quoting the Portuguese poet, Tomás Ribeiro (1862) is still an accurate metaphor to describe a unique country like Portugal. Gifted with beautiful, varied landscapes acknowledging a rich historical and natural heritage, it has also an outstanding hotel offer and medical infrastructures with professionals of high quality and experience. Moreover, Portugal embrace its visitors in many ways - to go along with the pure enjoyment of exploring its picturesque streets and houses, the warm character of Portuguese hospitality, there's a spectacular gastronomy and quality wines waiting for the visitor, a good, experienced hotel service and a wide range of entertainment options in a milder southern European climate with Mediterranean influence.

It is a country designed to appeal to our senses, from north to south. It here in the north of Portugal that lies the place of excellence for our services -  Porto. In this city full of character we want our client to know the best this country has to offer. This includes a world renowned natural landscape with mountains, natural parks and beaches and a vast architectural and historical heritage, updated with modern infrastructures for the comfort of our visitor. Such is the case of state-of-the-art design hotels, thermal and prized spas with best medical equipments and trustworthy medical professionals in this dynamic, vibrant city. We believe this is ideally the place from where an experience of recovery, rehabilitation and relaxation can happen and be successful. Dare to come and see for yourself, we take care of the rest!